The Busy Bride’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Invitation Designer

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So it’s about 3 months until your wedding. You are going to dress fittings for yourself and your bridesmaids, you are dragging your fiancee along to catering and cake tastings, you are starting to work with your florist on centerpieces and bouquets and you have booked your venue and are co-ordinating all of the pre-wedding events.

But have you forgotten about your invitations? Did you even PIN some yet? You do know that nobody will show up if they don’t have an invitation right?

Because I know that you are busy enough to forget about them, (I have gotten plenty of calls from frantic brides that are anywhere from 2-4 weeks away from their wedding that still need invitations!) I wanted to give you a step-by-step guide on choosing a custom invitation designer that will help you stay on budget and take away your stress.

Rustic barbed wire monogram invitations

1. Start Looking Online: Your target designer should have a well designed website. Because they are a vendor that (should) have the talent to design their own website, it should be modern, tasteful and easy to navigate. If it’s not, hightail it out of there and find someone else.

2. Find a Style You Like: There are as many different styles of invitation designers as there are wedding dress styles. Narrow down the styles you like–modern, rustic, vintage, hand-illustrated, etc., and find at least 3 designers that can create in that style.

3. Inspect Their Portfolio: You will want to find as many examples of their work as you can. But remember, quality over quantity. New designers are always popping up…and just because they are new doesn’t mean they can’t design an amazing invitation.

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4. Read About Their Reputation: Google your potential designers to find any reviews or testimonials they may have. Some designers post testimonials on their website, but make sure to go to non-biased sites like Wedding Wire to read reviews too. This is also a place where I would like to note that you shouldn’t let one bad review ruin your opinion of a designer–especially if the review states an objective opinion.

5. Gather Inspiration: Once you have narrowed down your search to your top 3 designers, gather inspirational images of invitations that you like and of the overall style of your wedding. Designers are usually very visual people so having examples to show will ensure that you end up with a product you’ll love.

7. Write Down Questions: Treat these designers as you would your other vendors and ask questions about things you are unsure about. Want to know how to word your invitation or how many invites you should buy? Writing down all of these questions will come in handy for our next step…

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6. Book a Consultation: Contact your top 3 designers and book a consultation so that you can get to know them and talk to them about your unique wedding and inspiration. Personality can make a big difference in how well you work with someone, so booking a consultation is a great way to know which designer you will click with. Make sure to ask your questions that you have written down to gauge the experience and expertise of each designer.

7. Narrow it Down: After consulting with each designer, make a list of pros and cons for each and take into consideration their personality, design style and their estimated cost of your invitations. Other things that are helpful to keep in mind are their professionalism, their responsiveness via email or phone and the testimonials of their previous customers.

8. Sign and Design: After you have chosen your designer, make sure to sign a contract that outlines the delivery date, exactly what they will be designing and the cost of your entire project. Every designer that can be considered a professional will require a contract.

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Why All Future Wedding Invites Will be Sent by Email

Why Future Wedding Invites Will be Sent by Email


So I was reading an article on one of my favorite wedding blogs the other day about how tacky email wedding invitations are. Although I totally agree with Emma, which I usually do, I still think that email invites, evites, or etickets to wedding are going to be the future (we’re talking like, 2030, here folks) and here are a few reasons why:

1. They are super easy. You will be able to import everyone’s email address, enter a few customizable tags in your invite and place in buttons for a “Yes” or “No” RSVP and probably get all of your RSVP’s back WAY before the deadline.

evite, rsvp

2. They are cheap and customizable. Graphic designers like myself could design them very easily for clients and they would take, at most, 5 hours to create.

3. They would fit in perfectly with your wedding website. Having an evite means that you could link directly to your wedding website. No more of that nonsense on the bottom of the invitations. Just a simple hyperlink. Come to think of it, your graphic designer will probably offer a package deal to set up your evite and your wedding website all in one go. Maybe I should jump on that.

4. Guests are getting more technologically advanced. I mean, if you can create a Twitter and Instagram #hashtag for your wedding and not have that seem “tacky” what’s wrong with a virtual invite?

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5. Evites are ecologically friendly. No paper, no wasted trees, no terrible printing byproducts, no waste. Because even the prettiest paper invitation gets thrown away (hopefully recycled!) at some point.

What do you think? Are evites STILL going to be tacky as all get out? Will they be the future? Would you be more likely to NOT attend a wedding where the hosts went on the cheap side and sent an evite?

Pluralizing Your New Last Name

Properly Pluralizing Your Last Name

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Guest List Etiquette: Returning the Invite

Creating your guest list for your wedding is often one of the most stressful wedding tasks. If you are having trouble deciding who to invite I found some great advice this week from one of my favorite vintage wedding blogs, Under the Vintage Veil.

They questioned the fact of returning the favor of an invite. As in, you were invited to your friend Sandra’s wedding, do you have to invite her to your wedding?

Under the Vintage Veil made a few good points: Continue reading

“The Great Gatsby” Wedding Inspiration

After reading The Great Gatsby I had a new view of life in the 1920′s. Although it seemed that everything was all glamour, jazz music and speakeasies, life was pretty much just as dull and challenging as it is for most of us today. The one thing that Gatsby truly stood for was the lavish elegance that Tom & Daisy enjoyed on West Egg. So I’ve made a little collage of some inspirational images for those of you that may be thinking of capturing the elegance and glamour of The Great Gatsby for your vintage wedding.

Inspirational images for a wedding that uses "The Great Gatsby" as a theme.

Any Great Gatsby wedding worth it’s salt will serve the classic mint julep, a favorite of Daisy Buchanan. I also found a gorgeous bouquet that ties in the mint and blush from our color palette. And the stylish dessert table featuring sweet creations from Jenna Rae Cakes will satisfy any sweet tooth and add an authentic vintage touch. A Great Gatsby bride is sure to stand out from the crowd in this fabulous silk chiffon sheath gown from Mark Zunino that is topped off with a fur wrap. And don’t forget to send your guests off in style–champagne and caviar gift boxes will be the perfect thank-you favor and remind your guests of your amazing vintage wedding long after it’s over.

Tell me what you think about my Great Gatsby inspiration in the comments below!

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Post By: Christine Evans